Richard Cooper’s quotes

PhotobucketYou know, some people say life is short and that you could get hit by a
bus at any moment and that you have to live each day like it’s your
last. Bullshit. Life is long. You’re probably not gonna get hit by a
bus. And you’re gonna have to live with the choices you make for the
next fifty years.

PhotobucketLife is about choice. We are the sum of our choices. And most of them
are made for us. You can’t choose when you’re born. You can’t choose
where you are born. You can’t choose your family. You can’t even choose
who you love. But you can choose how you love.

PhotobucketWhen two people admit that they are attracted to each other, they are
no longer in control. Their relationship has to play itself out. For
better or for worse.


Baby Oil

To keep your skin moisture in winter day,using baby oil can be said is the best way,it’s inexpensive too.Here’s the instruction:

Step 1 : Buy a bottle of baby oil of your preference from any supermarket, groceries or online. Johnson’s company has a good
selection of baby oil products you can choose from at a reasonable price.

Step 2 : Apply baby oil all over your body after taking a warm bath or shower
while your skin is still damp. This helps lock in the
moisture and keep
the oil absorbed into the skin better. Specifically target dry areas
such as knees, elbows, and heels

Step 3 : Apply baby oil on your hands after washing dishes or every time your
hand feels dry. It helps moisturize your hand, reduce friction, and
improves overall health of the skin on that area.

Step 4 : Rub baby oil on your skin before going out during the winter. The cold
weather strips off the skin’s moisture. Baby oil helps to insulate your
body and keeps you warm and moisturized during the cold months.

Step 5 : Use baby oil as an eye make up remover in place of other commercial ones. It is gentle and known for its
hypoallergenic property so it doesn’t burn or irritate your skin.
Likewise, it will soften and moisturize the delicate areas around the
eyes which are very sensitive.

Tips and Warning

  • Using too much baby oil can leave oil stains on clothing, so be careful not to put too much.
  • Apply baby oil outside the tub or shower. Spilled oil can make the surface slippery and pose a slipping hazard.


My new love!

Winter is on the way,
Body splash,fragrance and cream
I’m gonna miss all of you. Why do I only take the lotion with me? 😦
Today I found out Bath & Body Works have had a new collection : Twilight Woods!!!
Omg..I really want to have one of them 😦
Why they don’t buy B&B in here? >"<
I’m gonna love them these day