My new target : Ange ou Démon

" An intriguingly sensual fragrance of contrasts, amid light and arkness, with a secret that no one can unravel.
A mysterious, enigmatic duality inside a black-and-white prism. The luxurious facetted cut of a crystal pendant. The enigmatic Ange ou Démon embodies the mystery of seduction."

I love it from the outside to the inside, gosh, definitely have to get it. One more reason is I never have Givenchy’s perfume before…
Everyone says Gucci Rush is awesome too but maybe after this one, I’ll take a look at it..anyways to me, Envy Me is the best..hehe
Still thinking about how to choose between Au de Parfum or Au de Toilette…hm hm
Go to see them on Thursday!!!

* Important note :You should pamper yourself when you had too much heavy in your heart *