…Right now…

Here is the 1st problem, why do WordPress blog not have Fonts to choose O_o ???  Haiz…I’m having a feeling like missing sth importance…

The 2nd problem, I have some party waiting for me and I’ll enjoy them as soon as I get back home. So make up will be necessary and I’ve rarely wore make up since 1 and a half year ago ( O.o! ), maybe all my make up expired already đŸ˜¦ .. That’s why after surfing around YouTube make-up tutorials and beauty website, I found out some brand can help me out :

-Foundation : Revlon Photoready or Revlon Natural

-Lips : Color Sensational® Lipcolor Maybelline ( maybe try on Pink Please 025 or Pink Peony 035 ). Not same before, now I prefer neutral colors.

-Concealer : I’ve never used concealer before bcoz my skin was ok enough for mot to hide anything but now can not =.=” ( Zinzin is on all the way…how pathetic..). Still don’t have any idea about this.

-Blush and Eyes : Bobby Brown is for cheeks and Coastal Scents 88 palette for the eyes are recommended but where can I find it in here???

Maybe because I watched Michelle Phan too much that’s how I feel Lancome will have all the products in need :(. So the 3rd problem is $$$….eiei~

Leave the beauty problems aside, now here comes music : Still is the chill-out kind, now I’m addicted to Epik High, Clazziquai, Samantha James , Late Night Alumni and Blue Foundation ^^ yay!!!..Floating in the air ~~~



Quite Sunday

Um…new blog at Word Press. So here we go..

I’m still not getting used to use this…I think it’s more complicated than another blogging website. I miss my Space in MSN, why do they have to change? =.=”

Laying in bed and listen music. Recently I addicted to chill out music style đŸ™‚ Try it….and feel relaxation!

Ei~ time to go to supermarket ~.~

Today music:

Skipalong – Lenka

Sunrise comes too soon – Late night Alumni