Europe Trip – Car Rental

So, I’ve just came back from a 2 weeks trip in EU, I went to Amsterdam (Netherlands), Brugge (Belgium), Lille, Cambrai & Paris (France).

I spent around 6 months to prepare for the trip, read lots of blogs and travel websites, forums. It took me lots of time so I decided to write a blog about the tips I found out, what to do, what to buy, where to stay etc..then maybe it will help you guys saving time on planning a trip to visit these countries 🙂

If you plan on moving around many places, have big luggages, lazy to carry them around and don’t want to rush or be at the mercy of the train/bus/flight schedules, then renting a car is a best way for you. And that’s what my bf and I decided.

When searching for a rental car company, you will see quite lots of options to choose. Third party website such as : Expedia, Autoeurope etc…there are also direct rental car companies like : Europcar, Budget, Sixt, Hertz, etc..We chose Expedia because you can reserve it, offers free cancellation and the price is cheaper. For me, I need a visa to go to visit EU, so I tried not to risk as much as I could before my visa gets approved.

You can choose the place to pick-up/ return the car, time to pick-up/ return. If the destination for pick-up and return are not at the same place, then it might cost a bit extra depending on the location. It’s recommended to buy insurance for the rental car, to help cover any accidents or thefts.

There are two ways for you to purchase the insurance :

  • First, purchase it after booking the car, like us purchased in Expedia. This option is cheap but if things happened on the way, you have to pay first for the damage then claim back from Expedia.
  • Second, purchase it when pick-up the car. This option is more expensive but since you buy directly from the car company so they will pay for everything.

One more rule is when returning the car, it has to be full fuel. Therefore the staff also try to sell you package of “return car and no need to fill up fuel” but what I think is don’t buy this, it more expensive than you fill up yourself.

And that’s it. Done for the renting car 🙂



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