Europe Trip – Car park

When you decide to rent a car then the next thing comes to your mind is : ok, where I’m gonna park my car? So here is what I find out ’bout parking

Amsterdam : 

Parking inside the Amsterdam Ring is expensive, even using car park or parking on the street, can cost you roughly 5€/ hour for street parking , and up to 20€ – 55€/ 24 hours depends on which car park you choose.

You can check the list of car park here:

But there is a cheap option that you can opt to : park your car in Park+Ride (P+R) parking place, a bit far from the city centre but you can park your car with the price: 1€/ 24 hours 😀 , amazing is it?

Here is the instruction how to use P+R: But when I read it I feel confused, don’t know what exactly to I’m gonna re-write it here as simple as I can :

1€ / 24 hours is the discount price, 8.70€/ 24 hours is the regular price. So, how to get the discount? You need to use the P+R GVB card or using OV-chipkaart. I didn’t use this OV card because most of the places in centre can be reached by walking so I feel purchase a card is not necessary. Well, how it works :

  • After parking your car in the P+R parking, get the ticket, you look for a blue machine (very easy to recognize it ). This machine is selling P+R GVB card with discount price also. Depend on how many ppl travel with you, you need to buy 1 card/ person.

Price of P+R GVB cards:

  • 1 person: €5
  • 2 persons: €5
  • 3 persons: €5.90
  • 4 persons: €6.80
  • 5 persons: €7.70

Notice : this machine only accept debit card, no cash and you need to type in your card pin number

  • Scan your parking ticket, choose number of ppl going with you, put your card, type in password and get your GVB card. It will look like this :

  • This GVB card only can be used for those transportation under GVB company (tram, bus, metro etc…) and you can use it for 2 trips and have to use inside the city centre zone of Amsterdam.

Example : leaving P+R parking, go to the centre using GVB tram/bus or metro, counted 1st trip. You leave the tram/bus or metro, get in again will be your 2nd trip. Remember to check-in and check-out using the card when get in/out public transportation. After 2nd trip, your card is done using, keep it to get the discount when pick-up your car.

If near your P+R don’t have GVB, it’s ok just go to centre using any transportation then use the GVB card there.

  • When getting your car out of the car park, go to the blue machine again, scan your ticket, your GVB card, using your debit card to pay for the parking fee and once again, need your card password. So please do remember your pin number to prepare for this. (and usually I don’t lolz)

Brugge :

Parking on the street in Brugge is not recommended, and you can only park maximum 2 hours on the street so if you have plan to stay there, better park your car in a proper parking place. There is some info about the parking:

For me, since I stay inside the city center so I chose to park at the car park near my hotel, and it cost maximum 8.70€/ 24 hours. Website for you to check the parking around the city and its price:

Lille & Cambrai :

Nobody will tell you this but the truth is you can easily park your car on the street in the residence area and it’s free. Except Lille city centre, where you have maximum 4 hours on street parking at the price 6.80€. Buy a ticket for the period required and place it behind your windscreen where it can be seen by a warden.

For more information, you can check this out:


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