Europe Trip – Amsterdam city pass

Amsterdam is bursting with so many museums, art galleries and attractions. To make your visit easier and cheaper, have a look at those offered discount cards include: Amsterdam City Pass, I Amsterdam Card, Holland Pass and Museumkaart. Yeh, I know so many, it’s gonna give you a hard time to consider which one to get. So here is my conclusion about them:

Amsterdam City PassIt’s basically the discount card. You will get 20% of museums, attractions, canal cruises and excursions. You can skip the line to to the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum (only these two museums). It can be used for an unlimited amount of time, within Amsterdam city. More details here.

I Amsterdam Card : This is an everything-in-one card. You will get access to all places and have discount on the restaurants, day tours, etc..It’s offering you everything but time. You have to purchase the card for 24, 48, 72 or 96 hours of using and this is also the most expensive discount cards among them. Amsterdam city using only.

Museumkaart : Here is the museum card. Which means no discount for attractions, restaurants, canal tours, etc..The card will expire in 31 days except Dutch residents can use it for one whole year. You have the access to all the museums in Netherlands.

Holland Pass This pass is come in Small, Medium and Large size, means the number of free entrance tickets that it contains is different. Besides it also has a discount card. No time limit. Get discount for museums, attractions, tours, restaurants etc..and available in other cities except Amsterdam too.

I chose was the Holland Large Pass, contains 3 gold free entrance tickets (big museums/ attractions) and 3 silver free entrance tickets (small museums/ attractions) with a discount card (percentage of discount amount depends on specific places, you can check them online or in the guide book include). The original price for Large Pass is €75, and sometimes it has promotion 10% off so no need to purchase this too early.

What card is most suitable for you? It’s better that you listed out all of the places you intend to visit, activities you want to do, ticket prices, how many days you have…to calculate, compare and yeh, decide. 🙂

Here is how I used my pass and the calculation of saving :

Pass ticket type Places Entrance price
Gold Amsterdam Dungeon € 22
Gold Rijksmuseum € 17.50
Gold Van Gogh Museum € 17
Silver Bodyworlds museum € 20
Silver Marco museum € 12.50
Silver Museum of Prostitution € 8
Total € 97

And I also went to Heineken Experience, using the discount card to get 20% off. So you see, money saving :D.

Most of the places will offer discount price when you book ticket online, but because I’m not the type who always follow the plan so I prefer to have the flexibility in decision by using the pass.

** Card pictures from internet.


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